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It's Time for a Facial

Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 2/23/2015

There was probably a time in the not so distant past when your skin probably looked pretty great.  When it required minimal products and had a healthy and natural looking glow.  Now, as you remove your makeup at night, you see all the little signs of aging.  Whether youíve just hit your thirties or are in your sixties or older or somewhere in between, your skin doesnít look or feel like it did when you were in your twenties.

No matter what stage of your life youíre in, itís time to consider getting facials.  Getting a facial will not get you miraculous results but will give you a fresh start to a healthier and balanced complexion.  Monthly facials will help you maintain optimal skin health.

Whether you are married with a family, a single mom or are waiting until youíre established in your career before starting a family, your life is busy and stressful.  Facials allow you to relax.  They feel great and the power of touch, massage, proper technique and professional products can have healing effects.

Facials increase circulation of the blood under the skin allowing the skin optimal health to facilitate the renewal process of new skin cells and decrease waste underneath the skin that can cause puffiness as well as aiding in detoxification.

A good facial can help smooth fine lines and promote collagen production, to prevent premature aging, wrinkles and sagging and cleanse pores on a deeper level than over the counter facial washes, as well as providing deeper exfoliation than you can achieve at home.  Exfoliation helps to smooth the skin, allows for great penetration of products, unclogs pores, improves skin ability to retain hydration and evens skin tones.

Getting a facial can help reverse aging and make you feel better about your skin.

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 It's Time for a Facial

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