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What You Need to Know About Vitamin D

Posted by Garcia Weight Loss on 1/15/2016
Typically referred to as the sunshine vitamin, this multitasker is becoming known as D for Disease Preventer. This vitamin actually acts more like a hormone by interacting with enzymes in the body to promote calcium absorption, bone metabolism, and healthy bone remodeling. Vitamin D receptors are found in all tissues of the body, including the brain, heart, and muscles. However, a large majority of the US population is suspected to have suboptimal levels of Vitamin D. A deficiency can lead to increased risk of several diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis. You might think that here in Tampa, we would get enough sun exposure to ensure proper levels of Vitamin D, but even Floridians may be falling short. The formation of Vitamin D in the skin following sun exposure can be influenced by many factors including: skin color, time of day and year, age, sunscreen, and more. Supplementation is a great option to ensure you are getting optimal levels of Vitamin D. Itís important to note that a normal multi-vitamin does not typically provide a high enough concentration of Vitamin D. Our Vitamin D contains 5,000 IU, which for most people, can obtain optimal blood levels. Another way to improve the absorption of Vitamin D is to take it with your largest, most-fatty meal. A study at the Cleveland Clinic showed that taking it with the largest meal of the day improved blood levels by 50% compared to taking it on an empty stomach. Since Vitamin D is best absorbed with fat, another option would be to take it with our Omega-3 Pro for that same benefit. Make sure to get a blood test to see if you are one of the millions of Americans with suboptimal levels of Vitamin D. We offer this lab test at our Tampa centers, but if you live elsewhere, it is easy to obtain, and not overly expensive. If your results indicate that you are deficient, look for a high-quality Vitamin D3 supplement, take it with a large meal each day, and re-test your levels after 3 months. With regular supplementation for optimal levels, you can experience the health benefits of Vitamin D, the Disease Preventer. Find it right here in our Shop!
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