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Are You On A Diet?

Posted by Jeff Garcia on 7/29/2014
On average, about 20% of people said they were on a diet during any given week in 2013, down from a high of 31% in 1991, according to new data. Women showed the biggest decline, with 23% reporting being on a diet in 2013, vs. 36% in 1991. That drop may partially explain this finding: About 23% of people in 2013 said that those who are not overweight look a lot more attractive, down from 55% who thought that in 1985.

Controlling Hunger Cravings Naturally

Posted by Garcia Weight Loss on 7/11/2014
One of the main reasons that people fail at dieting is that they get so darn hungry. Thankfully, there are some simple, natural ways to control our hunger with two of the most effective being eating fiber and eating protein.

Vitamins Help

Posted by Garcia Weight Loss on 7/2/2014
Many have been told that vitamins help in our daily lives and they do, really they do, but there is a lot skepticism surrounding their existence.

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