Effects of Calcium Pyruvate Supplements During Weight Loss Program

Effects of Calcium Pyruvate Supplements During Weight Loss Program

You've made a concerted effort to lose weight. However, you continue to carry that excess weight. So, how about natural weight loss products that claim to curb your hunger, increase your calorie burn (without activity), and avoid unnecessary calories from being stored to fat?

These are the bold claims made about a popular weight-loss supplement called Pyruvate. It's a beneficial derivative of the body's energy production.


You may remember hearing about it in middle school chemistry class, but it's possible you require a revision. What is Calcium Pyruvate, exactly? Pyruvate is a naturally occurring element that aids in the digestion of glucose (commonly known as sugar) and carbohydrates in the body and their conversion to energy. You've got yourself a strong fat burner when it's combined with calcium's stability. The Kreb Cycle is a way the body burns fat.

The Kreb Cycle is based on a foundation of pyruvate. The Kreb Cycle will work faster if there is more pyruvate in the body. The transformed energy directly stimulates to remove excess fat once the glucose and carbohydrates are decomposed. Pyruvate has been shown in clinical studies to increase metabolism and help you lose weight when taken on a daily basis. Consuming the supplement boosts the efficiency of what your body already has and helps you stay energised.

Several of the foods we consume, such as apples and cheese, naturally contain calcium pyruvate. It can also be found in a few of our beverages, such as red wine and black beer. However, because it is naturally produced in such little amounts, it is not a viable weight-loss option. To get 5 grams of Calcium Pyruvate, for instance, you'd have to eat more than 60 apples.

This is why, in relation to healthy nutrition and exercise, taking a calcium pyruvate supplement can assist enhance and speed fat loss. This will aid you in reducing your body's tendency to store those pesky, excess weight.


You've been seeking a weight-loss supplement like this. You'll get the best benefits if you mix it with a nutritious diet and frequent exercise. Calcium Pyruvate is particularly beneficial to athletes because of its ability to aid muscular development, provide sustained energy, and counteract fatigue. Pyruvate is a popular supplement among gym goers and athletes since it aids in energy production by boosting sugar transport from the bloodstream to the muscles.

It has been proved to function very effectively when combined with a diet rich in lean proteins and healthy carbs like vegetables and fruits. To get the best effects, we suggest doing some form of physical activity at least three times a week for 30 minutes.

The Evidence

An associate professor of surgery named Ronald Stanko, MD at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, is responsible for much of the study on pyruvate's propensity to promote weight loss. The patent for including pyruvate in weight reduction supplements belongs to Dr. Stanko. He wrote 2 human studies which show that supplementing ultra-low-calorie diets (500 to 1,000 calories per day) with a little more than 20 grammes of pyruvate per day (an ultrahigh dose, approximately 10 times the normal amount) caused in only minor weight loss—an average of 2 to 3 pounds over three weeks—when compared to all those who received placebo pills. A team of Connecticut experts recently discovered that 6 grams of pyruvate per day, paired with moderate activity and a 2,000-calorie diet, led to a 2.6-pound weight loss after 6 weeks, opposed to no weight loss in comparison to placebo. Even though the weight decrease was minimal, Dr. Stanko believes that small variations can add up in the long run, especially in the case of weight increase owing to middle age spread. For moderate weight loss, he now advises 3 to 5 g of pyruvate per day.

Because pyruvate is engaged in the metabolic process that produces energy in your system, it seems logical that consuming it as a dietary supplement could help you burn more calories and fat.

Women with overweight started eating a 1,000-calorie diet for 21 days in one earlier trial, with a portion of them additionally taking high amounts of calcium pyruvate every day. Fat loss was 48 percent higher in this group of women.

Hence, it was noticed that calcium pyruvate helps in losing weight.

Other benefits of calcium pyruvate have been postulated, although there isn't much data to support them.

The following are some more popular claims:

  • It's possible that this will help to protect your vision. Calcium pyruvate has been shown in certain earlier animal experiments to help delay or prevent cataract formation.
  • It's possible that it'll help your immune system. In rats with drug-induced troubled bowel disease, calcium pyruvate supplementation was found to improve immunological function.
  • It's possible that it'll help your heart. Pyruvate was found to improve heart function in pigs recuperating from cardiopulmonary heart surgery in one research.
  • It's possible that it'll help you exercise better. While there are numerous tales of calcium pyruvate boosting stamina athletes' energy levels and battling weariness, the research is equivocal, with other research indicating no impact.

The Bottom Line

When paired with exercise and a low-calorie diet, pyruvate may help weight loss efforts, but it won't magically melt away the additional pounds accumulated over a period of inaction and bad dietary habits.

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