Fat Burner Supplement: Why Do you need Calcium Pyruvate for Weight Loss Program

Fat Burner Supplement: Why Do you need Calcium Pyruvate for Weight Loss Program

Calcium pyruvate maintains a prominent position in the billion dollar dietary supplement sector since experts have praised its capacity to aid weight loss. Despite the fact that the body makes pyruvate naturally when it breaks down glucose, some will take pyruvate supplements in the hopes of accelerating the process instead of having to wait for the body to do it on by itself.

So, let's see how efficient calcium pyruvate is. Or Is this another pill in a long line that promises more than it delivers?

What is Pyruvate? 

When your body converts sugar into glycogen, it naturally creates pyruvate. It's also sold as a supplement aimed at helping people lose weight. Pyruvate's origins can be traced back to the late 1970s.

In a number of animal studies, researchers revealed that pyruvate, when combined with a substance called dihydroxyacetone, prevented the formation of fatty livers in rats fed ethanol.

Under regular eating conditions, the conclusions were nearly identical. Following 112 days, rats fed dihydroxyacetone plus pyruvate (DHA-P) had accumulated approximately 30% less fat versus rats fed a standard diet.

An increase in heat output appears to have caused the lower fat gain. Extra calories were wasted as heat instead of being stored as fat.

More study on the Zucker rat, a genetically obese variety of rat, was undertaken many months later. The Zucker rat is a commonly researched animal model for overweight because it is highly obese, has a low basal metabolic rate, and has persistent insulin resistance.

One of three medicines was used to enhance their diets: pyruvate, dihydroxyacetone, or a mixture of the two. While all three were effective in combating obesity, pyruvate was the most effective, slowing weight gain by improving both basal metabolic rate and fatty acid oxidation.

After pyruvate had shown potential in rats, it was only a matter of time before it was tested in people.

Is Calcium Pyruvate Beneficial for Weight Loss?

Dr. Ronald Stanko (who owns numerous patents related to pyruvate use) and his fellow researchers evaluated the impact of pyruvate on several measures of body compositions in a series of experiments done at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. His findings demonstrate a definite tendency toward higher fat loss in pyruvate users.

A group of 14 obese women consumed roughly 1000 calories per day for three weeks in one study. Seven of the women were given 30 grams of pyruvate each day, whereas the other women were given a placebo. Women who took pyruvate dropped nine pounds, three pounds more than those who took a placebo.

A second study [5] included 34 people over the course of ten weeks. This project has somewhat different goals than the prior research. Dr. Stanko was interested in seeing how pyruvate affected body composition after a period of weight loss.

For four weeks, the participants followed a calorie-restricted diet (between 1600 and 1800 calories per day). For the next six weeks, two groups were created of women. The first group was given 22-44 grams of pyruvate per day, whereas the second was given a placebo. Following six weeks, the placebo group had lost only 0.2 pounds of fat. The group that took pyruvate supplements, on the other hand, shed an average of 1.1 pounds.

So far, the research appears to be promising. We have evidence from both animal and human studies that pyruvate has a major impact on fat reduction, results that have been repeated in multiple published studies. All of this is a positive indicator.

How Does Calcium Pyruvate Work For A Fat Burner?

The Kreb Cycle is a mechanism by which the body sheds fat. Pyruvate serves as the backbone of the Kreb Cycle. The Kreb Cycle will increase production if there is more pyruvate in the system. Once the glucose and carbs have been digested, the converted energy encourages the removal of excess fat. When ingested on a daily basis, pyruvate has been found in medical studies to enhance metabolism and promote weight loss. The supplement allows you to keep energised by increasing the efficiency of what your body already has.

Benefits Of Calcium Pyruvate as a Fat Burner

If you combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you'll reap the most benefits. Calcium Pyruvate is especially beneficial to athletes because of its ability to help build muscle, provide sustained energy, and counteract fatigue. Pyruvate is a popular supplement among health-conscious individuals and bodybuilders since it aids in energy production by enhancing glucose transit from the blood into the muscles.

When paired with a diet rich in lean proteins and healthy carbs like vegetables and fruits, it has been shown to be quite beneficial. We recommend undertaking some type of physical activity for half an hour at least three times a week to achieve the best results.

Calcium Pyruvate as a whole,

  • Boosts your metabolism and gives you more energy.
  • Dissolves fat in the body and utilizes it as a form of energy.
  • It aids in the retention of muscular mass.
  • Adds to carbohydrate breakdown and antioxidant action for anti-aging.
  • Individuals which are at least marginally active – half an hour of activity (brisk walking counts) at least three times a week – will benefit the most.

Where to Find The Best Fat Burner?

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