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How does Vivaliti Optimal Nutrition DNA work?

Not everyone responds to food, exercise, and vitamins the same way. What works for someone else with the same fitness goals and body type may not work for you. As a result, most people are forced to adopt a trial-and-error approach to their health, leading to wasted time and money, along with feelings of frustration and guilt. Vivaliti DNA tests 65 different genetic markers in order to determine exactly how your body works. Armed with this information, we are able to develop a comprehensive health plan providing recommendations unique to you:

Discover Your Ideal Diet Type

Are you best suited for a low carb, low fat, Mediterranean, or balanced diet?

Nutritional Needs

Find out which vitamins and minerals you should optimize in order to feel your best, which foods provide these essential nutrients, and when you may be in need of nutritional supplements.

Gluten Sensitivity Risk

Discover if you have a genetic risk for celiac or gluten sensitivity that could be causing abdominal pain, gas, fatigue, or other symptoms.

Eating Behavior Traits

Are you prone to snacking, or do you suffer from a sweet tooth? Learn your unique eating behavior traits and gain strategies for overcoming situations that trigger these unhealthy habits.

Low Bone Density Risk

Find out if your genetic variants have been show to correlate to osteoporosis and/or low bone mineral density.

Order the Vivaliti Optimal Nutrition DNA Test and you will get the following:

  • Vivaliti DNA test kit including shipping to our lab
  • Lab examination of over 65 genetic markers
  • 25-page genetic health, wellness, and fitness report
  • A customized Vivaliti DNA Blueprint for Optimal Health that is a personalized action plan developed by a Vivaliti DNA Health Coach based on your genetic report to give you guidance on how to get the most out of your DNA report to reach your goals
  • One-year free subscription to My Vivaliti Health Optimization Portal


Additional Information

Why use a genetically based health plan? By accessing your individual genetic blueprint, you can gain insight that allows you to take control of your health and better manage any existing health conditions.

Your genetics determine how your body reacts to certain foods, how it processes vitamins and nutrients, which health conditions you may be at risk for — even why you choose the foods you do. Equipped with this information, you can harness the power of your genetics to make informed decisions regarding your diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle, so that you can improve treatment effectiveness and feel your best.

The Optimal Nutrition tests evaluates 65 different genetic traits to give you a complete blueprint of what your body needs to reach and maintain optimum health. The test is conducted using an easy cheek swab, which you can do at home and mail back to us. You'll receive your results and a complete DNA blueprint in just 2-4 weeks. With actionable recommendations included with your results and an interactive health portal, you’ll have a complete plan for taking control of your health.


This product is for a test, assessment, customized health optimization program and health coach session.


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