$1,999.00 $4,200.00


This Annual Pass is limited to the first 50 customers who purchase it for the amazing price of only $1999.00, a savings of over $2,201.!  

GarciaWeightLoss is offering to our VIP clients the opportunity to purchase an unlimited visit pass for all of 2021 to any of our four Tampa Bay area offices.  The 2021 GarciaWeightLoss Annual pass has a retail value of over $4,200.   

Starting January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021, the first 50 customers to purchase a GarciaWeightLoss 2021 Annual Pass will be given access to the following:

  • A weight loss lab panel & EKG (to be performed either when first starting or on an annual anniversary visit)
  • Precision nutrition and personalized supplementation plans developed for you based on your health, lifestyle, history and goals
  • Unlimited weekly assessments with our wellness consultants and consults with medical practitioners starting January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021
  • Weekly .2cc B12 injections (up to 2x per week*)  starting January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021
  • Weekly prescription of medication (if medically indicated*)  starting January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021
  • Unrestricted access to our My Vivaliti Patient Portal
  • Additional 10% discount on all supplement and premium or boost injections
  • Monthly Perks
  • Exclusive VIP water bottle   


*Terms and Conditions

To redeem the pass, the redeemer must bring a copy of the receipt with them to any of the 4 Tampa Bay Area GarciaWeightLoss locations.  The redeemer must sign all annual pass terms/conditions to receive their 2021 Annual Pass.  Once redeemed the annual pass is non-refundable.  Please note that refunds will not be issued for any reason.  The pass provides access for visits and the supporting elements listed above, but does not have any rollover value if visits or supporting elements are not used by the redeemer.  The annual pass only provides access to days that offices are scheduled to be open and based upon availability.  The annual pass does not provide any guaranteed or priority scheduling. There are no substitutions. Not valid with other offers or promotions.  These terms and conditions are accepted by the buyer as a function of purchasing the special offer.   If unforeseen or unexpected situations occur resulting in an offering other than intended or described above, the company reserves the right to refund the purchase price prior to redemption.  Individuals may purchase more than 1 to give as a gift, but excessive or suspicious purchasing behavior will be flagged and the company reserves the right to refund before redemption.  The company reserves the right to refund before redemption for any reason.  Any medically recommended or supporting elements to the pass are based on medical approval of the provider.  The provider retains sole discretion of the use of medication or injections based on their medical judgement.  *The pass does not guarantee access to medical elements that would jeopardize their health, safety or violate any regulations or laws.  *The pass is considered redeemed and non-refundable regardless of whether any medical element is used or not used as part of the program based on the medical judgement of the provider.  As with any weight loss program, results cannot be guaranteed and your individual results will vary. | Special offers: The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. | Regarding supplements: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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